Handsome Adam

That Quiet Kid



Alias: Handsome Adam
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Sloth
Court: N/A

Occupation: Grocery Clerk
Apparent Age: 22

The wildness that infuses a Beast gives her a supernatural affinity with animals. A Beast gains the benefit of the 8 again rule when using the Animal Ken Skill, and receives a free Speciality for the one animal that most reflects the Beast’s seeming. That same wild nature gives a Beast a powerful personal magnetism. A Beast’s player can spend points of Glamour to add to dice pools involving Presence and Composure. Each point of Glamour spent adds one die to one dice pool.

Although the Beasts regained their consciousness when they came through the Hedge, their time as beings of thoughtless instinct has taken its toll on each of them, and most find it very hard to make use of academic or trained skills. A Beast’s player suffers a -4 dice untrained penalty when trying to use a Mental skill in which the character has no dots. Further, although Beasts can be very clever indeed, they’re out of practice making those leaps of ingenuity that so characterize human genius. A Beast’s player doesn’t re-roll 10s when using a dice pool involving Intelligence.


Adam spends most of his time following Seamus around like a fox-tailed shadow. He never seems to have a strong opinion about anything, and if pressed will usually default to unenthusiastically agreeing with everything you say. Losing his friends to the hedge seems to have deeply affected him, and while Seamus seems confident that time heals all wounds, right now sullen and apathetic seems to be his default setting.

Handsome Adam

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